Custom Work

Don’t have Photoshop or feel like dealing with the templates? No worries. You can hire me to customize your book boxed set for you. Prices per cover are $25:00 USD. ┬áSimply fill out the form below with your requirements and I’ll get back to you within 1 business day. (Excludes weekends and holidays).

Hire Me

Hire Me to design your book boxed set
  • If you have a designed cover you want to be used for the front please attach it here.
  • This image is for the spines, if your cover image is extended to the right this is not required. but we would recommend this.
  • Please list the title, author name, etc for the front cover. Also list how many spines you want to use and the titles for each spine. If you would like a particular font just say or maybe a font color.
  • If you have any custom instructions in regards to your book boxed set please list them here.