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Introduction?Why I decided to offer these Templates


Creating a Book Boxed Set, or Book Bundle, (there are so many different ways to say it) came as an easy alternative for creating Boxed set bundle book covers for my clients. When finishing up the last title in your series, the best alternative is to bundle up all of your titles and offer them as a bundle for a discount price.

I’ve created over 100 Boxed Set covers as well as formatted all of my client’s titles for Kindle publishing. For a while, it became redundant to constantly build a boxed set cover over and over again, so I looked for ways to come up with a better solution therefore, I decided to create book boxed set cover templates for my work.

Before I decided to release my templates to the public, I looked for two things:

  1. Are there templates already out there for the public to use? Answer: After an extensive Google Search, I found that unfortunately, there weren’t any around that I found useful for Photoshop. I did however, find a set of Gimp templates created by a lovely young woman, but unfortunately, her site was no longer online. I was able to recover the templates on another blog hosted by someone.  There were also other book bundle cover actions for Photoshop, but they were also limited to 6 books and that was the only way to use the action.
  2. Are there any affordable price points for the bundle templates?  Answer: No. After my research and actually finding the actions, one site charged over $100.00 just to gain access to the templates. I decided that was a no go and since I had fairly decent knowledge in Photoshop, I decided to build out these templates on my own.


BTW: You’ll see the link on each download page asking you to donate. That doesn’t mean you have to. However, if you choose to donate you will be helping me with the following:

  • Server costs for these downloads
  • You will give me more time to assist you with your support needs
  • You’ll also give me some extra free time to create more templates that you can use




Example images below:






NOTE: These templates do not work properly in Gimp. I’ve downloaded the software and tried to download the Gimp version with no such luck. The template actually opens, but the smart object layer does not open for the functionality. If you don’t have Photoshop or you cannot download due to the cost, then you may access the free Gimp Templates that I found online here:

I do not claim ownership of the gimp templates. The original owner?s site is offline, so I’m placing them on my website as a means to be able to access them.


Will I make Gimp templates in the future? Maybe, I have not made any plans to do so. If you would like more gimp templates made, please put in a feature request and depending on how many requests I get I will make them for you.


Why are the templates so cheap?

It’s simple. I’ve been where you are now if you are reading this eBook as a source to create your own Book Boxed Set Covers on a limited budget. I too ran into many issues when I decided to join the self-publishing club and what I’ve learned along the way is that you want to get your costs down to publish as much as possible.

With my templates at least if you have some access to Photoshop that you can download and edit them to make a very nice bundle cover.


Photoshop Versions:

The templates can be used in just about any version of Photoshop that supports smart object’s. I have used these templates in Photoshop CC and they work perfectly.

Creating your Boxed Set Cover with my templates


What should i do if i do not receive a download link ?

Don’t panic, support tickets are checked and replied to every day, this includes Sundays. Before contacting us please check your spam box sometimes they end up here, failing that just go to the support section and let us know, we will shortly after send a new link.



For the tutorial, I’m going to use the 4 book boxed set templates for Photoshop. As a reminder, you have full access to download templates 1-14, but this is just a tutorial to show you how it’s done.





Okay, so as stated earlier we are starting with the 4 book boxed set cover template. As you can see it has a front cover with a set of 4 spines which means you can use up to 4 books with this cover.

Let’s open up the cover in Photoshop now:



As you can see, I currently have it opened in Photoshop.  Now that we have the template open, I want you to look at two very important things on the template.

  1. The Smart Object Layer
  2. The Right Click—Edit Content (Which opens the template)



  1. This is the Smart Object Layer. This can be turned off, but for now I am going to leave it on.



  1. This is the Right Click—Edit Content feature that I spoke about earlier. You want to right double click to open up the template. Let’s do that now.



Now that we have that template open, let’s go over a few things before we start building our cover.


This is where you will do all of your design work. When you are finished, you will click the close button at the top of the template where it’s going to ask you to save. Once you agree to save, the smart layer will save and your design will go in place of the cover.

Let’s do a very simple and quick design to show you how the template works. To start, we’ll use a stock photo that I’ve chosen from Bigstockphoto.

I like to use very large images with the template, simply because the image is large and wide enough to wrap completely around my spines to make very nice and realistic book boxed cover set that you also see on store shelves.

If you know Photoshop, I’m simply going to use the drag method to get the photo into the template. If you are a Photoshop novice, you’ll probably want to look at my video tutorials to see how it’s done.






Now that we have our cover moved into the template, let’s start with the design. This is a very basic way of designing the cover. If you know Photoshop and are not afraid of using brushes, actions, and doing some minor editing, you can make your boxed set covers with your heart’s desire. Now, I’m going to label my 4 spines and title my cover template.




Now that my titles are labeled, I can save my template and get a look at the finished product. I’ve done a very basic labeling of my cover and spines. This does not mean that you are limited to this type of labeling. Playing around with Photoshop for a while and you’ll find yourself making some marvelous covers.

Now Let’s save.




When you try to close out the layer, it will ask you if you want to save. Make sure your titles are positioned the way you want them to be and you are happy with the design. If you want to get a feel for how it looks, you can close and save as well. Simply by clicking the Right Click-Edit Content layer again, you’ll reopen the template section and you can resume editing.



Now, your Smart Object Layer will save.  Once it’s finished saving it will close out completely, and you can get a look at the finished product.



Here is a look at your finished design cover. Do you see what I mean when I said it’s easier to use a large cover if you are going to go with a stock photo? It wraps around the entire image. Now, you can also do is take the measurements of the template and build out your own boxed cover set flat and paste it into the template area to get a full wrap around. Or, you can start completely from scratch, building your cover layer by layer right from within the template (I will try and make more tutorials on the design process as I gain more free time). That’s what I love about Photoshop, there are no limits to building your cover.


Now let’s get right of that pesky image in the right hand corner. All you have to do is turn off the object layer from previewing:



Click on the eye for the Right Click’Edit Content layer and it will turn off. You only have to click the eye once.




And now you have your finished image.

Let me give you the dimensions of the finished Book Boxed Cover set so you can see if it meets your standards for eBook Publishing.

Width: 3372 in Pixels

Height: 2700 Pixels


This should meet the cover requirements of some eBook publishers. You are not restricted to the size, you may also resize the image to that you remain in compliance.

Covers can be saved in pdf, jpg, png, psd, etc. Whatever you prefer.